Day #25: Dragged kicking and screaming to paradise

Today I took Esse to get a ‘Puppy’s first trim’ groom. This introductory session included a wash, blow dry, ear clean, nail trim and face trim. The groomer allowed me to stay and I learned more about the care of this dog — like the need to brush her hair daily to prevent matting and how. And how to trim her nails and clean her ears.

As someone who has hardly groomed myself (though that is currently changing), even the idea of having to groom a dog would only recently have felt overwhelming. Owning a dog is stretching me in all sort of ways I couldn’t have imagined. Up until five weeks ago, the only reason I went into pet stores was to buy goldfish, fish food or fish tank supplies (or to look at the animals). I spent around $20 a year on fish supplies. Getting $10 of fish weed felt like a splurge. The idea of owning a dog hardly crossed my radar. And when I entertained the possibility in recent months it brought up MASSIVE fears.

I can now see why. There are many intricacies to dog ownership. From vaccinations and health treatments, to food, accessories, insurance, training, grooming and day to day care, both the costs and responsibility is beyond what I could have imagined. I have entered a new world. But it’s a world I’m so glad to have discovered.

I keep hearing the phrase in my head — ‘dragged kicking and screaming to paradise’. Because this great responsibility (a lot like having a child) has brought with it joy that I could never have forseen.

I am besotted with Esse and so so grateful. In five weeks she has brought me to earth, expanded my sense of connection, and inspired so much joy and laughter. And our journey has only just begun.

In moving into the (very valid) fears, my capacity is expanding. I finally understand why people own (and love) dogs.

This started as a lesson on dog grooming, but it has turned into early insights on dog ownership. My journey has just begun, and I still have a lot to learn.

But in entering the world of dog ownership, I have discovered a new level of joyful connection (while highlighting my fears around connection) and I am able to appreciate life so much more.

Thank you Esse!




Orly Grace writes lessons from life to inspire and empower. She shares more creations and offerings on her website:

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Orly Grace

Orly Grace

Orly Grace writes lessons from life to inspire and empower. She shares more creations and offerings on her website:

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