Lesson #39: Present with an open heart

“If it’s going to be the apocalypse, my job is to be present and keep my heart open. If it’s going to be enlightenment, my job is to be present and keep my heart open.” — Ram Dass

I was listening to a talk about Ram Dass yesterday on his Instagram channel and the speaker mentioned the quote above — though I expect it might not be perfectly accurate. But I love it.

Late last year I started listening to a series of talks by Ram Dass on Spotify, Ram Dass Here and Now. I was surprised to find out he wasn’t the drugged out hippy I’d imagined. He was, in fact, hugely intelligent and accomplished with a background as a professor in psychotherapy and a gift for sharing his wisdom in inspiring and hilarious ways.

Ram Dass seems to have made his way into my life in various ways. For over a year my mantra, ‘I am loving awareness’, is from Ram Dass. A talk about this mantra, set to music by East Forest, can be heard on Spotify: I am loving awareness.

I am loving awareness is, like the title of this lesson, being present with an open heart. It is a great reminder to stay loving, particularly to ourself which is where most love is needed (then it simply flows to others) and to be consciously watching the process of our life.

As I put together my Creative Evolution coaching offer, standing in the space of loving awareness reminds me to be with whatever is coming up (putting yourself out in the world will always bring ‘stuff’ up) and to be gentle with myself.

I look forward to expanding my loving awareness as I help others to transform their lives. If you’re curious .. sign up for a free Curiosity Call with me. Let’s chat!

In loving awareness,




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