Lesson #66: Never say never

photo by Petras Gagilas

I think the universe has a sense of humour, particularly around strongly held ideas and beliefs. So if you say “I’ll never …” it will present you with challenges that require you to do just what you said you’d never do.

It wasn’t long ago, after years of starting to grow my hair and every time chopping it off short once again that I decided I’d just keep it short — after all it’s so easy short, I like it short, it suits me short. But now I’m growing it. And what’s more, I’m celebrating and loving it with Monat hair products. And I love being able to shake my hair while shaking my body when I’m dancing .. like my hair becomes part of the letting go. It’s so satisfying.

Another decision, which I made early in life, was that I didn’t like to repeat myself. I decided this after listening to my mother tell the same stories again and again. I was concerned about annoying people and being judged (just like I got annoyed and judged). But the universe had the last laugh when my late partner lost both hearing and short term memory and I had to repeat just about everything at least ten times, while shouting to be heard, for years. And I came to realise, in many ways, repetition is actually important and helpful.

So really, say whatever you like. But if you deliver an ultimatum, be prepared to be challenged in unexpected ways.

And you can always change your mind.



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Orly Grace

Orly Grace

Orly Grace writes lessons from life to inspire and empower. See her other creations at www.circlesoflife.net