Lesson #67: A formula for getting unstuck

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What’s the point of life?

Have you ever wondered the point of your existence?

The times I have felt despairing over my life have been when I have felt stuck. And the solution I chose, early in life, was to keep learning. Because while I was learning I had the sense I was evolving. Which worked for almost fifty years until even my learning seemed to have gotten stuck in a loop that had me learning the same lessons over and over, just coming from different places.

After fifty years of learning, creating and Houdini-ing my way through life, I developed a framework that offers a pathway to empowerment and transformation.

A Framework for Creative Evolution

There are five elements in my Framework for Creative Evolution, and each element is endlessly fascinating and inspiring to me.

Each element is a potential stand-alone solution, and all five are essential elements in the journey of evolution.

The Five Elements of Creative Evolution

  1. Curiosity
  2. Connection
  3. Courage
  4. Consciousness
  5. Creation

Element 1: Curiosity

Curiosity is the birthplace of Creation. Where most animal lose their sense of curiosity once they move out of childhood, humans are unique in their capacity for curiosity throughout their life.

Curiosity finds solutions. If you feel stuck, curiosity moves you into a space of possibility and hope. Curiosity is a pathway to joy.

Element 2: Connection

When we feel stuck and hopeless, a typical response is to retreat, to pull back, to collapse, to shrink. This contributes to a downward spiral because our shrinking results in increasing disconnection from the world, from ourselves, and from others, which in turn limits our capacity for getting unstuck.

Connection — to ourselves, to the world, and to others, expands our ability to see different perspectives on our situation and find ways to move forward.

Element 3: Courage

When we feel stuck we are trapped in our ego’s (fear based) perception of the world. We feel like there is no way out. We feel helpless and hopeless. In order to break out of this fear based reality we need to leap, to do things that scare but excite us. We might take a big leap of faith and shock ourself into a fresh look on life. We can allow ourself to be vulnerable and learn to fully love and accept ourself. We bring our whole-hearted selves to the table and truly celebrate the fact of being alive. I see myself as a spirit who has the privilege of experiencing this human existence — along with the raw reality of it.

Mostly though, for me, Courage is an invitation to take the leap of faith, to jump into the unknown and be brought into the present moment which is all there ever is. Our patterns and habits are the opposite of Consciousness. And this stepping into the unknown and our of unconscious patterns brings us into ..

Element 4: Consciousness

Consciousness is this moment. It is the past, present and future rolled up into one. When we are stuck we are caught in the past, in a loop, in our head. When we are conscious we are free to create any reality we choose.

Element 5: Creation

Humans are fractals of creation. We are gods creating our unique reality and with the capacity to alter the reality we create. Accepting our creative capacity gives us the power and agency to transform our reality.

A Hero’s Journey of Transformation

The five elements of Creative Evolution form a Hero’s Journey path of transformation. By taking action through one or all of the elements you are taking action to get unstuck and to change your experience of life.

Where to from here?

My main goal for 2022 is to take a number of creative seekers who feel painfully stuck through this process one-on-one so that they can feel empowered, free and connected to spirit. This represents my own ‘leap of faith’ scary but exciting next step.

Anyway, that’s the formula, I look forward to fleshing out this framework, and please get in contact if you are curious or would like to connect.

To your evolution!

Orly x



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Orly Grace

Orly Grace

Orly Grace writes lessons from life to inspire and empower. See her other creations at www.circlesoflife.net