Lesson #7: Clarity comes from action

This important lesson came to me late in life. I spent almost 50 years desperately searching for clarity through thinking and exploring and listening and reading .. but my piles of books and courses completed continued to mount with me feeling as lost and confused as ever.

Though there were moments of clarity and understanding (that probably kept me going) I have learnt that real clarity comes from making decisions and taking actions. Turns out that thinking doesn’t bring clarity (though journaling can..).

I remember hearing a joke about (Enneagram) type 5s .. instead of “get ready, get set, go” they get stuck on the “get ready, get ready, get ready ..” and I could so relate. Another course .. another exploration .. anything but taking that action. Setting up my business has been my biggest experience of getting stuck in the preparation phase .. learning the tools (again and again), building the confidence, working out what I want to offer .. it has been excruciating.

Finally (with the help of a good coach) I’ve been challenging myself to take leaps into the unknown and I’m finding clarity in the process.



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